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At Johnson & Associates, P.C., a Maryland estate planning attorney, can assist you in preserving your legacy for future generations. This firm has impressive credentials, and has served the communities of Baltimore, Howard, Prince Georges, Anne Arundel and other Maryland communities for over 12 years with quality legal service in all estate planning matters, from simple wills and trusts through to complex arrangements for those families that have larger estates that must be managed by a true legal professional.

Areas of Practice

The firm provides the legal counsel you need in all the crucial issues involved in estate planning. Advance Directives When creating a comprehensive estate plan, an advance directive is a vital document that outlines your wishes should you become seriously ill, unable to make decisions for yourself, or face the loss of life. Having advance directives in place can help your loved ones avoid severe emotional upheaval and even protect against unnecessary conflicts among your children or chosen heirs. Art Law Many estates include prized works of art or even intellectual property that must be protected when creating a comprehensive estate plan. Valuable works of art that are part of an estate may require special documentation when arranging your legacy for your heirs, and our firm is experienced in this specialized area of estate law. Asset Protection After a lifetime of hard work, it is important that the legacy that you hope to pass on to your heirs is not lost to unnecessary taxation due to a failure to properly arrange your estate. Also known as wealth protection, your attorney can use these strategies to protect your properties, accounts, stocks, businesses, retirement funds, and other assets from losing their value. Elder Law After a lifetime of work, raising a family and being a productive member of society, the elderly deserve proper care and respect, and these things can be provided for in an estate plan. Protecting yourself from physical or financial harm is crucial, so it is important that your wishes are evident and made legally binding in your estate plan. Estate Planning Documents Every estate plan requires skilled legal counsel to properly draft important documents that will have great significance in the future, such as trusts and wills. These documents must be drafted carefully to stand up under the law and help your loved ones avoid potential legal hassles and disputes over your intentions. Even a single error can have cause disastrous complications, so you must be confident that your plan is being created by an experienced attorney. Financial Planning When arranging your affairs for the future, it is important that you have trusted legal counsel to advise you and help determine the best options available under the current tax laws. Financial planning enables you to assign the necessary funds to cover your future expenses and to protect your loved ones’ inheritance through certain types of trusts and other legal arrangements. Guardianship When a family has children under the age of maturity, the parents may legally designate a guardian to look after their children’s care and assets should they pass away or become incapacitated through illness or injury. Guardianship can also be arranged for elderly relatives that are no longer able to care for themselves. High End Estate Planning Individuals and families that have high net worth and large estates that include substantial assets must ensure that their estates plans are extensively detailed and account for all aspects of their properties and assets. Charitable trusts as well as limited family partnerships can be beneficial factors to include in a creatively drafted plan that protects your assets and legacy for future generations. Probate Administration The firm has over 25 years of combined experience in all matters of estate planning and probate administration, and we understand the steps that must be taken to help the executor of an estate properly and effectively complete the legal steps of the probate process. Probate Law After a person has passed away there are many legal issues to attend to, including probate. Probate is the legal process of transitioning the deceased’s assets, estate, and personal items to the designated beneficiaries. In some cases the process is complicated or even contentious, but a knowledgeable attorney can help to protect your rights and interests, as well as manage the estate throughout the probate period. Real Estate Law An understanding of all aspects of real estate law is of great benefit when planning an estate, as many individual’s assets include a variety of properties. There are frequent changes in state and federal tax law, which is why you need to assistance of an attorney that possesses detailed knowledge of the real estate law and its impact upon estate plans. Trust Administration Trusts are drafted and implemented to protect the assets of an individual, or in some cases a family, and administering the trust effectively requires extensive knowledge of estate planning and probate law. When the time comes to administer the trust and distribute the assets to the beneficiaries, an experienced legal professional should be enlisted to manage the process and ensure the terms of the plan are carried out. Wealth Management Those fortunate individuals and families that have a large number of properties and other assets require specific legal counsel to address the issue of planning for the future. The creation of multiple types of trusts and other estate planning strategies can be employed by a seasoned lawyer to ensure your assets are preserved and are not diminished by unnecessary taxation. Contact an estate planning attorney from Johnson & Associates, P.C. for professional, personal legal counsel in planning for the future.